Monday, April 28, 2014

Dry fitting, a preview of things to come

As I was working on disassembling, checking and cleaning the brakes, I decided to dry fit the body panels and to install the new police handlebar. I think it looks fantastic, what do you think?

BTW: That is not the paint, that is the primer you are looking at. I will probably do a two tone metallic blue and white.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Time for some body work

The fuel tank is looking better now that is all stripped to the metal and that I have removed a ton of rust and paint from it but it has 40 years worth of dings and dents. It will take several rounds of lightly applied filler and sanding to bring it back to life but it will live another day. The good news is that the original petcocks are in good shape, they just need disassemble and cleaning.
The fenders looked pretty good once primed but there are a few spots that need more work so I am spot sanding them and going back until they are perfect. Hopefully I can post the final product soon.

Clutch back on the engine

Special thanks to Patrick H. from Norcal Guzzisti who patiently waited two weeks for me to finish the job to get his clutch centering tool back! I am telling you, Guzzisti are some of the nicest most enjoyable people you will ever meet.

Police handlebar

Straight from Mandello Del Lario (Italy), how cool is that? Meanwhile the parts needed for bottom end and top end rebuild are painfully in back order. Sigh. I guess body work and clutch is next while I wait for them.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Generator, starter, tail light and braket, and Speedo rebuild

Both the Generator and the Starter had a ton of rust and deposits. I took them apart and clean them thoroughly. I have decided that I am going for a patina restoration to keep the character of the bike. It took her 40 years to land here and earn that patina, I think she deserve to show it with pride. So I only re-painted the parts that absolutely needed protection. You can see what I mean on the starter, only the body was repainted to protect it from further decay.

Breather box and tail light bracket also could use some new paint after removing all the rust and they are now ready for final assembly.