Sunday, November 23, 2014

Vintage fuel tank, installing a Wix 33001 Complete In-Line Fuel Filter

Update: I have changed the carbs to Dell Orto VHB30 with build in replaceable filters however I kept this configuration and it is working like a charm.

No matter how hard and carefully you clean a vintage fuel tank, some crud will still continue to come out. Some is coming from the fuel itself, some, like in my case initially, was just 20 years worth of deposits from sitting in a barn for too long.
Long story short, I have decided to put a massive, non fuel pump, fuel filter before the carbs, especially since my vintage Mikuni do not have filters. Wow, I cannot believe I just write that, who makes carburetors without filters, arg!

So I purchased a very fine filter (see Wix 33001 ) and a couple of T couplings and put it in the middle of the flow coming from either the main line or the reserve.
The trick is to make sure it stays above the float bowl of the carburetors or, Archimedes will tell you, you are not going to get any fuel. I achieved this by making it rest atop the air filters and carefully routing the fuel lines. Done. It works like a charm and my carbs no longer require cleaning every 5 minutes ;-)
 Oh and yes, the dark stuff you see it is crud, the paper filter is actually white. Sold yet?

Saturday, November 1, 2014

The maiden vojage

Very first ride after the rebuild. This is prior to timing tuning and carb fine tuning, in other words, she runs a lot better now.

Take two on the tank and powder coating parts

Well the original tank did not hold, it got worse and worse and it is a Swiss cheese waiting to happen, holes everywhere. Thanks to the good people of Norcal Guzzi Owner Group, I have found a fellow Guzzista who had a etxra one in excellent condition considering it is a 40 year old tank!
Here are some shots of the tank and a bunch of other parts I sand blasted and powder coated. Enjoy!

- powder coats from
- facilities: The tech shop 
- two component epoxy coat by 3K
before, good shape, most of the dings are actually a bad paint job

blasted, ready for coating

before pin striping
all done with epoxy clear to save the decals, done!

after chrome powder coating